Do you have a new design or idea for a manufactured part? We can help you make it a reality.


We can meet your short-term production needs for turned and milled parts.


Are you ready for long-term production? We may be able to meet your long-term production needs.


Do you have an existing part that is damaged or needs modifications? We can repair, rebuild, or modify many parts and assemblies.



  • CNC Turning & Drilling:     ​

  We can accommodate your CNC turning needs up to a 16" diameter and 50" between centers. We can turn ferrous and non-ferrous metals,  plastics, composites, and many ceramics.

  • CNC Milling:

Our precision 3-axis CNC milling machines can accommodate parts up to 25"x13" and 18​" tall. Again, we can mill your part in ferrous and non-ferrous metals,  plastics, composites, and many ceramics.

  • Manual Turning & Drilling:

For many turned parts, it is more efficient to use a manual lathe and still maintain required tolerances.  This can potentially save you money and reduce lead times on your turned parts! If your quality requirements  or part geometry mandate the use of CNC machines, we will happily accommodate your needs.

  • Screw Machine:

If you require a high volume of small diameter turned parts (up to  0.750"), our screw machine capabilities will get you your parts fast.

  • Surface Grinding:

We offer precision surface grinding for your parts that require smooth, accurate finishes on flat surfaces.

  • Custom Cutting Tool Grinding & Sharpening:

Need ​a custom machine tool ground for your own shop? We can do that.  Have a bunch of drill bits that you've invested your hard earned money in that are dull and beat up? No problem, send them to us and we'll sharpen them with our industrial sharpener and send them back (up to 1" diameter drills). 

  • Welding:

If your job requires any welds, we offer stick, MIG, TIG, and wire feed welding. We also offer brazing and can weld cast iron.

  • Hydraulic Press work:

Need a bearing pressed? Need to straighten a shaft? Our 40-ton hydraulic press can handle your jobs that require press work. 

  • 3D Modeling & CAD/CAM:

Have a drawing or sketch you want converted to a 3D model? We can do that.​ We can also accept your completed models to program and machine your part.